How To Book a Curly Appointment

These steps will help you correctly book a curly appointment with us!

Step 1

Take Our Curly Quiz

Not sure what hair category to choose? Take our curly quiz before you book to make sure your a booking the correct appointment for yourself!

Take Quiz Now

Step 2

Request Your Appointment + Pay Deposit

Once you've figured out the perfect hair category for yourself, hop on over to our booking website and pick a date and time that suits you the best.

At this stage, you'll need to make a small deposit. Don't worry, this deposit secures your appointment and will be deducted from your total bill on the day of your appointment!

Request a Curly Appointment Now

Step 3

Fill Out Forms To Be Accepted

After you've chosen a specific date and time, we'll send you an automated message confirming your request.

In this message, you'll find the date and time you requested. Additionally, there will be three forms attached that you need to fill out within 24 hours to complete your request. We want to ensure that your request gets accepted smoothly, so please take a moment to fill out these forms within the given time frame.

Accepted or declined

If you've finished filling out all the required forms within 24 hours, your appointment should be approved shortly and you will soon receive a request for confirmation.

In case your appointment is declined or you don't receive a confirmation, it's possible that either you haven't completed all the forms within the given timeframe or your deposit payment didn't go through successfully.

*Deposits are only charged once you've submitted all the necessary information and your appointment has been accepted.*