Job Positions

Curly Assistant

This position includes

  • Helping stylist with clients and duties around the salon
  • Opening & closing task
  • Help maintain cleanliness around salon
  • Help stylist style clients hands-on

Looking for assistants who are looking to learn more about curly hair and who are willing to progress to a full-time stylist

To apply for this position, please fill out the application here

Curly Stylist

Looking for individuals who know about curls and curly hair. How to have a proper consultation, use curly cutting techniques and style in the naturally curly state.

Administrative Helper

This position duties includes:

  • Managing phone calls, text messages and emails
  • Compose and respond to client emails
  • Processing bookings, cancellations and managing appointment schedules
  • Tending to customers needs, inquiries and complaints
  • Restocking and tracking Inventory
  • Performing administrative task such as filing, updating records and logging transactions