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Xian - Master Stylist

Meet Xian. The Founder and Owner of The Curl Lounge ATL! She is dedicated to helping others learn more about their curly hair and guide them along their curly journey.

Growing up biracial, she always had curly hair but never learned to love it until her later years. In high school she "went natural" and started to embrace her curls! Once she graduated, she immediately went to cosmetology school to learn more about hair and beauty. After finishing trade school, she officially went into the career of curly hair to become a curl specialist! She absolutely loves what she does and strives to help others embrace what they have!

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Stella - Junior Stylist

Meet Stella.

Stella grew up with a passion for the beauty industry. She began her cosmetology journey at Chattahoochee Technical College in August 2022, while simultaneously working at a salon catering for straight hair textures. She quickly realized her passion was fading, yet she could not figure out why. While scrolling Tiktok one day, she found Xian’s account and was instantly intrigued. Shortly after, Xian announced she was looking for an assistant, so Stella took the chance at this opportunity of a lifetime. Stella finally got her groove back and grew an immense love and admiration for all hair textures. She hopes to continue to break the stereotype of her culture, make everyone feel welcome, heard, and help others learn to take care and love their hair.

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Tiara - Master Stylist

Tiara grew up in Pittsburgh, PA! Her passion for the beauty industry began when she went natural at just 11 years old! She had a bad experience with a relaxer which caused her to take a deep dive into YouTube & began to find out what the curly girl method was all about! She went to cosmetology school right after high school because she knew the industry was calling her name! Ever since then her goal has been to educate her clients & make them feel as beautiful as possible in the curls they are in!

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