----------------------Junior stylist - Our newer stylist who have been with us for up to 2 years ---------------------------------Master Stylist - Have been here the longest and have the most experience----------------------

Returning Client Pricing & Service Description

Custom Curly Cut

Master Stylist - $75

Junior Stylist - $50

This service includes:
A custom dry curly shape up/ trim. This appointment is to maintain your shape and health or we can try a new look!
We give you our recommend time frame to come back in for a trim during your first appointment.

Curly Cut + Moisture Detox To-Go

Master Stylist - $155

Junior Stylist - $130

Everything included in the Custom Curly Cut + Moisture Detox Treatment To-Go Treatment.

*Does NOT include styling. You will leave wet*

Curly Style


This service includes:
A clarifying cleanse to get rid of build up. We will get you styled and if you need any refresher lessons or new tips for styling we are more than happy to help you out and reteach! Sometimes it takes a couple try’s to get in the groove of all the new information you've learned!
You will be dried and fluffed.

Styles are the only services that are time based pricing. This means that you are able to schedule for any timed style for any texture, however, you must be aware that the service will conclude at the designated time.

T30 ($50/$75) - Typically for very fine textures or extremely short hair - Scheduled for 30 minutes to wash, style and dry

T45 ($60/$85)- Typically for fine/average textures or short hair - Scheduled for 45 minutes to wash, style and dry

T60 ($75/$100) - Typically for average textures - Scheduled for 1 hour to wash, style and fully dry

T75 ($85/$110) - Typically for average/thick textures - Scheduled for 1 hour 15 minutes to wash, style and fully dry

T90 ($100/$125) - Typically for thick textures - Scheduled for 1 hour 30 minutes to wash, style and fully dry.

T105 ($110/$135) -Typically for thick/extremely thick textures or very long hair - Scheduled for 1 hour 45 minutes to wash, style and fully dry

T120 ($120/$150) - Typically for extremely thick textures or extremely long hair- Scheduled for 2 hours to wash, style and fully dry


Deep Conditioning - $25

K18 Treatment - $50

Moisture Detox Treatments - $80

Moisture Detox To-Go


This professional, natural treatment picks up where bond-builders leave off - removing build up, improving hair health, balancing moisture levels, strengthening hair, and perfecting texture. Producing a noticeable improvement in just one application, moisture detox™ results are persistent (non-fading) and progressive (enhanced with repeated use).

This 2-step shampoo-in treatment is natural and nourishing for all hair types.  Coarse, resistant hair types become more receptive and hydrated while delicate hair types gain strength and moisture retention.

Key ingredients include protective, protein-based cleansers, botanical detoxifiers, and natural osmolytes, which generate moisture deep within the hair shaft.

Most clients notice a dramatic improvement in softness, curl definition, vibrancy, and overall appearance after just one treatment.

For optimal results, however, we recommend a seasonal approach, with a Detox every three months. Your stylist will advise you on a recommended regimen that is tailored to your hair type.

This does not include any cut, styling or education. You will leave wet.

Olaplex OR K18 To-Go


This service includes:
A clarifying cleanse to get rid of build up. We will add the treatment on to the hair for you. You will leave with the product in and we will provide a cap. It is recommend your sleep with it in but can be left for at least 30 mins. Hair bonds are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services. This treatment works on the hair internally to seek out and repair broken disulphide bonds caused by chemical, thermal, mechanical and environmental damage. We recommend this treatment every 4 weeks.
Highly recommended for clients with color or damaged hair



Add-On Treatemnts

Add-On Detox Mask/ Clarifying Treatment


Our Detox mask removes build up and residue. It has Charcoal, Kaolin clay and Certified Organic white vinegar to draw microparticles to the surface without stripping hair of natural oils.
Our Clarifying shampoos help strip any stubborn build up residue off the hair to allow products to penetrate deeper and better for more hydration and definition.

Add-On Scalp Scrub


This is a pre-cleanse exfoliation treatment is formulated with Hawaiian Red salt, which is rich in volcanic clay and minerals. It is made to gently remove impurities, apple fruit restores hydration to the scalp while celery seed extract and peppermint oil stimulates blood flowTea tree oil extracts help to soothe inflammation and irritation. 

Add-On Steam Treatment


Add on steam to any treatment to open up your cuticles some more for a deeper penetration and hydration and really feel the softness!


Pintura highlights

$145-$185 & UP

This is for touching up your current Pintura highlights! See New Client Pricing for pricing and a more detailed description if you are looking to get Pintura highlights in the future.